Partnerships and associations

Researchers at Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research work with various research institutes and space agencies. This page offers a list of the organisations we collaborate with.

NZ research institutes:  GNS Science, LINZ, NZ universities (Canterbury, Otago, Victoria)

Leading space agencies:  NASA, ESA,J AXA

MoUs with Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe - JIVE (Netherlands), Astro-Space Centre (Moscow), CSIRO (Australia)

In 2010 IRASR telescopes became part of the world's great arrays of radio telescopes: LBA (Australasian), NEXPReSS (European), International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry – IVS (global)

A close collaboration exists with IBM, CSIRO, Curtin University and University of Western Australia

Kordia, one of the largest telecommunication companies in New Zealand, sponsors each year the Kordia Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Scholarship to support a postgraduate student undertaking SKA-related research.