SKANZ 2010

In 2010 AUT was delighted to host a week of events relating to sciences associated with the SKA.
The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is the next generation radio telescope, planned to probe the Universe at a level of sensitivity and completeness orders of magnitude beyond what has previously been achieved, targeting science raging from cosmology to extraterrestrial life. On the path to the SKA, a number of precursor or pathfinder telescopes are currently being constructed, to prove new technologies for the SKA and, importantly, refine the thinking behind the science goals for the SKA.
This conference, took place during the science definition phase for the pathfinder instruments, but before these significant telescopes is routinely operational. This conference aimed to explore the range of science programs proposed for the instruments, review progress with the delivery of the instruments, and discuss science collaborations that utilise the  instruments.
Astronomers in Australasia (Australia + New Zealand) are well placed to take advantage of these developments, as a number of the SKA pathfinders are located in Australasia, Asia or the Pacific Rim.