NZ Radio Astronomy School & C4SKA Colloquium 2020

We look forward to your participation in these two events we are hosting during the week Monday 10th to Friday 14th February 2020.

NZ Radio Astronomy School 2020 – Programme Summary

This three-day school is pitched at an introductory level, suitable for advanced undergraduate students, post-graduate students, and professionals with limited experience in radio astronomy.  On day 1, lessons will be presented at AUT’s Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory; days 2 and 3 will take place in WG404, AUT City Campus.  Each day will include a mixture of lectures and practical sessions, ranging from the fundamentals of signals (the Fourier transform, autocorrelation, convolution, etc.) and the astrophysical radio sky (masers, quasars, pulsars, etc.) to the configuration and operation of observatory instrumentation.

Day 1 (10 Feb, Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory)

  • Morning: Radio Telescope Fundamentals
  • Afternoon: Spectral Analysis

Day 2 (11 Feb, AUT City Campus)

  • Morning: Imaging Fundamentals
  • Afternoon: Advanced Imaging

Day 3 (12 Feb, AUT City Campus)

  • Morning: Polarimetry and Pulsars
  • Afternoon: Pulsars and Fast Radio Bursts

Lecturers and Presenters:

  • Jordan Alexander
  • Anthony Griffin
  • Sergei Gulyaev
  • Dick Manchester
  • Tim Natusch
  • Yvette Perrott
  • Willem van Straten
  • Caterina Tiburzi
  • Stuart Weston

Computing for SKA Colloquium (C4SKA) 2020

Dates:  Thursday 13 – Friday 14 February 2020
Venue:  Sir Paul Reeves Building, WG404, AUT City Campus

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In line with a tradition extending back many years we are hosting a C4SKA Colloquium over two days.  It brings together industry and academics involved in the design phase of computer systems for the SKA - the mega science project of the 21st century to build the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope.  The Colloquium will include presentations and discussions around the project’s transition towards construction, including design updates, prototyping and the Bridging phase.

Local Organising Committee

TN Chan – Modern Technology NZ Ltd - Compucon
Andrew Ensor – AUT (Co-chair)
Anthony Griffin - AUT
Sergei Gulyaev – AUT (Co-chair)
Patricia Sallis - AUT (Admin) 
Willem van Straten - AUT