Peter Baillie   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Lance Brown   Intel Programmable Systems Group

Kevin Byard   AUT

TN Chan   Compucon

Don Christie   Catalyst

Phil Crosby   SKA Organisation

Mary Davies-Colley   Sapere

Michael Dinneen   University of Auckland 

Markus Dolensky   ICRAR, The University of Western Australia

Andrew Ensor   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Nicolas Erdody   Open Parallel 

Dave Fielder   Compucon

Anthony Griffin   AUT

Steven Groom   Braemac

Sergei Gulyaev   Institute for Radio Astronomy & Space Research, AUT

Seth Hall   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Song Huang   Compucon

Will Kamp   HPC Research Lab, AUT

David Kelly   Cray

Stepan Lapshev   Massey University

Donald Leung   Compucon

Mahmoud S. Mahmoud   IRASR, AUT

Tim Natusch   IRASR, AUT 

Jean-Francois Nezan   Kalray

Sarah Pearce   CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science

Nicolas Pradel   AUT

Brody Radford   AUT

Michael Ryan   Sapere

Matthew Simmons   Nyriad

Oliver Sinnen   University of Auckland

Alex St.John   Nyriad 

Peter Thomasson   Jodrell Bank, AUT

Haomiao Wang   University of Auckland

Stuart Weston   IRASR, AUT

Kjesten Wiig   MBIE 

David Wilson   AUT

Stefan Wong   AUT 

Charles Yun   REANNZ